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Testimony for  February and March 2010


3/31/2010   "Last Friday night two women came in with similar issues in their hips, both were healed! Pain left both women, mobility was restored in one of them specifically. She was able to bend over and touch her toes, which she could not do prior to prayer! The second woman was healed and the next day moved furniture in her child's bedroom due to the return of strength in her hips and upper leg! " - Dina M.Orange County Healing Rooms  2/16/2010   "A couple came in for prayer due to difficult circumstances they were walking through. The Team received accurate words of knowledge prior to the prayer session. During the prayer session prophetic revelation continued to flow, revealing specific demonic oppression they were suffering in the night. The Team prayed to break that, and other issues. The following morning the couple called to report that for the first time in two years they slept through the night without demonic warfare coming against them! During the session pain left the foot of the husband while we were praying for other issues! Yeah God! "

 "Recently, a woman came to OCHR and shook from fear in the waiting room prior to prayer. That night the Lord met her powerfully during the prayer session! She felt pain leave her body, specific words relating to demonic oppression were prayed over her resulting in freedom which she later shared ushered in a return of joy, hope for life and an appetite. Pain she'd been suffering in her arm and leg left as well. Then, in the parking lot, as she was leaving healing rooms, her thumb, which had been pushed back into her hand suddenly popped out and back into place! Simultaneously she heard the verse in Luke which states that they "were healed on the way". She knew that God was confirming the healing rooms was the right place to come for prayer, all her fears and concerns were completely gone. She has since returned for prayer and has continued to have amazing encounters with the Lord, is now praying about coming onto the team! Come on! "


Testimonies for July - August 2004


  • Healing of damaged disc in neck/upper back and fractured foot.



Testimonies for September - October 2004


  • Healing of liver cirrhosis, diabetes, broken heart, lifetime bondages, and more!



Testimonies for January-March 2005


  • Healing of cancer and issues of the heart.



Testimonies for April - June 2005


  • Healing of broken, wounded spirit, of injured toes and impartation of faith.



Testimonies for July -September 2005


  • Healing of stomach ulcer; progressive healing of osteoporosis and scoliosis.