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Knowing Our Spiritual Authority

Introduction: As “followers of Christ,” being filled with the Holy Spirit of promise,
we are required to not only know the God-given authority entrusted to us but to also act
upon & operate in that authority. As disciples, we are commanded to “go,” in Jesus’
name, full with belief and in loving obedience to His commands. He has demonstrated this
for us and has also made perfect provision for us to do the same. We are to be like Jesus:
Revealers of the love, character, will and power of our God and Father on this earth


Jesus demonstrates His realm (Kingdom, sphere, domain) of authority in 6 ways: (Over
other realms: Over the Church, Eph 1:22; Over Heavenly Powers, 1Pe 3:22; As Judge, Jn
5:27; Dominion Eternal, Is 9:6-7; Dominion Universal, Zec. 9:10)

1. TEACHING - Mark 1:21 - 22

Vs. 21 - The 1st. realm of Jesus authority we’re examining: His communicating the
words of God to this earth.

Vs. 22 - Jesus’ teaching is different from a scribe.
Scribes – Never came to conclusions; they taught without authority.
Jesus had the answers from the Spirit of God. Heb 4:12.
AND the effect of His words, brought people to God. John. 7:14 - 17.

* We have been given the authority to communicate the message of God to
this earth. Matt 8:16, 10:6 – 8, 28:18 – 20; 1Cor 2:10 – 13

2. OVER DEMONS - Mark 1:23 – 27 ( Matt 8:28 - 34, 15:21 – 28; Mk 1:32 – 34;
Lk 9:37 – 43)

Vs. 24 - The 2nd. realm of Jesus’ authority: The demons recognized Him as the
One who could destroy them.*

*We DON’T have this authority. We aren’t called to destroy demons, only their hold
in a person’s life. We can only expel ( = to drive or force out : EJECT) them out
like ‘flies’. (We should never try to ‘fight/argue/shout’ it out of someone.)

Vs. 25 - Jesus’ example is the best response to a demon, “SHUT UP & GET
OUT.” Don’t dialogue with demons. Luke 11: 19-20, Beelzebub = “lord of the
flies” - Jesus is basically doing spiritual “pest control” by the “finger,” Spirit of
God. It’s only the Lord’s business where they go after they’re out. i.e. ‘into pigs’.
Col 2:15

3. OVER NATURE/ELEMENTS - Mark 4:35 – 41 (Matt 21:18 – 22)

Vs. 39 - The 3rd. realm of Jesus’ authority: Jesus spoke to nature and it obeyed.

4. OVER DISEASES AND ILLNESSES - Matthew 8:14 – 17 (Matt 8:3, 9:29, 15:28;
Lk 22:51)

Vs. 15 - The 4th realm of Jesus’ authority: Jesus walked in so much authority that
His touch/word was enough to heal. Jesus is our model. * It’s often our unbelief
that causes us to pray lengthy, wordy prayers. Almost as if we’re trying to convince
ourselves, the person we’re praying for OR God as to why the healing should
happen, rather than acting upon/praying with our God-given authority in the same
way that Jesus did.

Vs. 16 - Jesus’ power was seen and His authority demonstrated as He healed ALL.

OTHER VERSES: Luke 10:19; Mark 16:17-18; Rom 8:11; Heb 11:6; Heb 11:1;
James 5:15; Mark 11:24; John 14:13 - 14

* Healing and Atonement:
Is 53:3 - 12 - There is healing in the atoning work of Jesus. He has made provision for
physical healing. BORE is “NASA” = Suffering punishment for something. Do we believe
He ‘bore’ our sins/transgressions in total?

Vs. 4 is the same as vs.12. Do we believe that He has totally made provision for healing
the same as for salvation? This is His healing covenant with us!

OTHER VERSES: Matt 8:17; 1Pet 2:24

5. OVER DEATH - Mark 5:35 – 42 (John 11:1 – 44, I Cor 15:54 - 57, 2 Ti 1:10, Heb 2:
9 – 3:6)

Vs.41,42 - The 5th realm of Jesus’ authority: He IS the Author of Life! Always was
and still is. Rev 1:18.

The keys of “death” & the “realm of the dead” now belong to the Kingdom of
God. Don’t be surprised that the dead are raised because the keys to that
happening are in the body of Jesus Christ. Matt 10:6 – 8.

Vs.35, 36 - We need to follow Jesus’ example. When going to pray for the sick,
IGNORE the “voices” of unbelief AND receive Jesus’ encouragement, for it is to
us today:
“Don’t be afraid any longer, only believe.”

Vs.37-42 - An example to us that synergy matters! Don’t hesitate when going to
pray for someone/something, to do what it takes to remove unbelief whether the
“issue” is yours or someone else’s. And be bold, about standing with those who
believe with the same understanding & conviction that agrees with what the will of
the Father is.

The priority was to raise the girl, because the Father willed it, NOT be concerned
with “others” opinion/view on whether she could, would, or should be raised.

5. OVER SIN - Mark 2:5 – 12

Vs. 6-8 - The 6th realm of Jesus’ authority: The scribes were questioning if Jesus
had the actual power/authority to forgive someone? How do you prove you have the
power to forgive sin? It’s an invisible thing?

Vs. 9,10 – Here we see Jesus’ response. He proved what he had in terms of
authority to forgive sins, by doing the impossible in raising up the paralytic. Jesus at
this point wanted everyone to know His authority. The legal authorization from the
Father and the power to pull the thing off.

Everything Jesus did, He did as a man, by the power and authority of the Holy
Spirit. He did not act by virtue of His divine power. Heb 2:9 - 3:6.

Authority – There are two types of authority:
1. Dunamis = The raw power to accomplish a creative work. (root
for dynamite)
2. Exousia = The legal right to do something as well as the DUNAMIS. The “Right &

EXAMPLE: Exousia is like a badge and uniform of a policeman. He is deputized and
authorized by the government to protect the law. There is nothing in the strength of the
man that can enable him to stop a Mack truck in his own strength. The truck will
demolish him. However, when the man stands in the uniform of a policeman and
commands the truck to stop, his command has actual power. Dunamis is the power to
enforce the actual command to “STOP” comes via the entire local police force; the
National Guard; the Army Reserves; the limitless force/reserve of the United States
Government. When he is in the uniform and yells “STOP”, the entire US Government
stands behind that command to enforce it.

Ephesians 6 says “Be strong in the strength of the Lord and in the power of His might.”

I can’t be strong against the enemy in my name, but if I am putting on the
authority/uniform of Christ and say “stop”, THEN HE STOPS! Why? Because Jesus
Himself and an innumerable host of angels stand ready to enforce the command given.


1. Compare Eph 1:19ff with 2:6 (Jesus’ position and ours). What does this scripture
say about our position right now? How does Christ see us?

PROBLEM: If I don’t know what belongs to me, then it does me no good.
Authority can be mine positionally - my right and privilege, BUT if I don’t use it,
then it is of no value to me. It’s as if having a great “gift” but never opening it,
to know & enjoy it!

2. Matthew 28:18 – 20 - What does this teach us about our authority?

3. Mark 16:15 – 18 - Who is to do these things in Jesus’ name?

4. Matthew 18:18 - Who has the power to do these things in Jesus’ name?

OTHER VERSES TO CONSIDER: Luke 9:1 – 2; 10:1, 9, 19


Matthew 1:21. Jesus’ name is connected with the word for SAVE [ SOZO].
(Jesus = Greek form of Joshua, which means the Lord saves or the Lord is my

It is used in Scripture:

1. 16 times of healing from disease.
2. 20 times of deliverance from peril.
3. 20 times of salvation from sin.
4. Countless times of deliverance from demons.

The name of Jesus, in this light, has four primary meanings:
FROM DEMONS. We need to know/believe/have confidence in that truth when we
speak in Jesus’ name, His name means these things. We can and should
expect results! Phil 2:9,10