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Healing Rooms Online - Via Skype

Online Prayer is available through Skype. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time. . . . or

  . . . . call us Monday between the hours of 6:00pm through 8:00pm PST using either of our Skype lines. If we're available we'll answer, if we're on another call, we'll return yours as soon as we can!

Account name:

line1. ochealingrooms1 

line 2. ochealingrooms

If lines are busy, email:

How it works For Existing Skype Users -

(1) Open up your Skype program, log-in, & find our account - ochealingrooms

(2) Call in between 7:00pm - 8:40 p.m. (PST) on Monday nights.  Simply press the blue message icon and write your NAME, LOCATION, and PRAYER REQUEST. Then press send.

(3) We will contact you when we are available.

*Prayer teams are available on a first come first served basis.

For Non Skype Users -

(1) Go to & download Skype for either your Mac or PC

(2) Follow the installation & setup instructions for Skype & your web cam

(3) Follow the instructions posted above

For Existing Skype Users What You Will Need -

(1) A computer with Skype loaded on it - You can download Skype at

(2) A webcam & microphone - Most webcams have a built-in microphone

(3) A good Internet connection - Pretty much anything better than dial-up


Please read the following statement before receiving prayer:

I, by calling the Orange County Healing Rooms via Skype hereby release the ministry and their volunteers or staff from any liability, for any harm or perceived harm resulting from my voluntarily receiving free prayer on this and subsequent visits. I understand that these Healing Rooms are staffed by volunteers representing the broad body of Christ and reflects many denominations and churches. They are not trained or licensed professionals of counseling, therapy or medical services. I understand that if I am currently taking medication, or operating under the advice of a professional service, I will allow them (my medical doctor, therapist, counselor, etc.) to confirm any results of prayer received before altering any prescribed course of action. By calling in, you are giving us permission to use any testimony resulting from prayer.


Questions? E-mail: