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Sep-Oct 04 Testimonies

September - October 2004

Rosario (10/6/04)
I give thanks to God for the healing received. I came the second time with a strong desire
to receive another blessing and while I was waiting downstairs for the technicians to come
down and pray, I felt a strong force and heard a voice in my heart saying that today is the
day I should walk upstairs to receive my blessing. NOTE: Rosario came with a walker,
struggling to walk and unable to climb stairs; she climbed the stairs for prayer!

Jesus (10/4/04)
At this time (since receiving prayer), my health has been stable. I am enjoying this good
health with a relaxed mind. My diabetes is under control, my sugar is normal, my mind is
clear and always inspired to pray to God, asking for my family, that we all go in God's
ways. I am thankful for all the prayers for me and my family.

Teresa (9/30/04)
When I stepped into the Healing Rooms a month ago, I came with a broken heart, an
injured body and a lost soul. I was afraid of my future and did not know how to handle the
turmoil that I was going through at the time.

My conversion was initiated by hearing God's personal message to me through the prayers
that I received here. I asked God to come into my life and I accepted Christ as my Lord
and Savior. The visions shared in the prayers were important since they helped me to
remember God's message where the images were deeply embedded into me. As I opened
my heart and surrender to God, the forgiveness and blessings started to pour down. My
sorrowful and angry heart was healed instantly and was filled with hope and joy. With trust
in God, the Holy Spirit started to change me. I replaced "doubt" with "trust", "sorrow" with
"joy", "anger" with "peace and compassion".

The Good News of Jesus Christ is for all of you who are lost, thirsty, hungry, hurt
and searching for a place to rest your tired souls. Let God speak to you.

Let God break the old you and rebuild a new person who is filled with Love of The
Risen Christ.

Let the Holy Spirit transform you.

Let the love of Christ give you the ever lasting peace and a freedom from worldly

Come and open up and receive the love that God is waiting to pour down upon your soul.
Praise and Glory to God, the Almighty, who has the power of heaven and earth. The Love
of Christ and power of the Holy Spirit be with you all who are reading this testimony.

Sue (9/16/04)
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! I am the lame man who could not walk, a deaf
and dumb man tormented by years of separation; the prostitute destined for destruction. . .
and I am healed. Made whole. Spoken to by God Most High. Touched directly by the
Lover of my Soul, through obedient servants, willing to be Jesus to those with needy
hearts. I am electrified, amazed, empowered. I am bold with the truth that God Almighty is
the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! For I have touched the hem of His garment, and
the weight of bondage has been lifted! Forever! Finally! Now I know what walking in the
light feels like - and my entire universe is radically altered. I can feel Jesus in me, guiding
me, loving me, strengthening me, revealing TRUTH to me all day long. O, my God, this
love - how can it be?!? Thank you for a place where I can soak in the love of Jesus, and
His glorious presence. This is for everyone who wants more Jesus, every person not
satisfied with where they are, and everyone who is hurting. . . .

Aurora (9/15/04)~from her daughter
Last week the healing rooms prayed for Aurora. She's had liver cirrhosis and was also very
weak. The prayer was answered in the same week. Aurora was taken to the hospital and the
doctor was able to remove 6 liters of fluid from her abdomen. Her faith has been very
strong ever since. She has been eating and there is no more bleeding from her liver.