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Jul-Sep 05 Testimonies

July - September 2005

Lydia (7/8/05)
Last week I came for prayer for a stomach ulcer. God healed me! I have sine had no
stomach pain and I can eat anything. Praise God!

Tricia (8/12/05)
After receiving prayer on Friday night, I felt impressed to enter into praise and worship to
protect the word of healing that was given. Saturday I entered praise and worship and later
discovered that I was sitting straighter and able to stretch backwards. I have severe
osteoporosis (resulting from muscular dystrophy and progressive disease) and scoliosis and
had been in pain, due to a re-injury, for 6 weeks. I now have increased range of motion,
can look over my shoulder at my “blind spot”, have more flexibility and can touch the floor
for the first time in years. My limp has greatly improved and I am no longer leaning to the
extreme right when walking without crutches! My husband can even see a physical
difference in the bone configuration and my low back is straighter.

Tricia (8/19/05)
The Lord touched my mid back last Friday, and with the weightless touch of the Holy
Spirit, moved a bone or disc and the pain left immediately! Praise God for His healing!