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Jan-Mar 05 Testimonies

January - March 2005

Linda (2/4/05)
I received prayer in September while attending your training. At the time I was in
treatment for cancer and I claimed the healing Christ has provided. Although I am still in
follow up care for the cancer, it was the areas of my heart that the Spirit spoke to that
day. I found it interesting and profound, as I sensed in my spirit that my disease was a
direct result of the brokenness of my heart. One team member was given a vision of a
torn heart being put back together again by God. Since then, He has confirmed the same
message through another prayer team who had no knowledge of my circumstance. So
rejoice and be confidant that He is showing up to minister to the deep needs of those
who seek His healing. And stand firm!! The liar/evil one will try constantly to steal what
you have received. Hold fast to the victory in Christ that is so freely given. My thanks to
OCHR for their faithfulness, and to our God for His.