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Apr-Jun 05 Testimonies

April - June 2005

Debbie (5/05)
When I first came to the Healing Rooms, I had been shut down inside—sort of numb. Each
time I come, I am touched by Jesus in such a special way. I feel the walls coming down
and the desire to let His love in once again. I am very thankful that Jesus is so patient. I am
also very thankful to the people God has used here in my life. The love is so profound and I
walk away with hope. God Bless You!

Daniel (6/24/05)
In the Healing Room, I felt a strong presence of His Holy Spirit. What the prayer warriors
were speaking to me about my situation was encouraging, uplifting, and gave me an
increased measure of faith to know God is with me. I also felt an increased measure of the
Lord’s strength and wisdom. Thank you.

Sandy (6/24/05)
When I came in for prayer, I had toes on both feet that were hurting due to re-injury (too
many hours on my feet while working). During prayer I felt the Holy Spirit working. It
hurt slightly when I got up this morning but the pain is now completely gone and the
swelling is subsiding so it no longer hurts to walk. Praise God!